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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Arizona in a Mustang

It was the famous Utah holiday, UEA or fall break.  I had a meeting on the 13th of October in Phoenix so I brought Marshall with me.  We rented a red Mustang convertible for a few days, and seized the opportunity to see my brothers and play golf.  Clearly a sensible car for Arizona in the fall.  Sanette is missing from this adventure since she had driven to to her Mothers in Idaho to assist with setting a new basement window in her mothers home on the 12th.  So one may ask, "so why didn't you go with your bride and help with the construction?"  Clearly I am a bum, and it was for her nephew so he could sleep in the basement.  Zack's father was doing the heavy lifting and digging, so I would just be in the way.
Back to the Arizona in a convertible; we found a cool drive called the "apache trail" which winds through the superstition mountains east of phoenix.  We quickly found out that "trail" is apropos for this drive.  Single lane for the majority of the 45 miles and not paved, but some spectacular scenery and lovely driving weather.  For those who are a bit thin on top a hat is adviseable. 
Marshall looks really good in a Mustang and seems completely comfortable as we are about to embark down 1500 feet of elevation drop on a single lane dirt road.  We were very glad that it wasn't raining.

Oh dam, our "trail" concludes at the foot of Roosevelt...dam - built in the twenties and then raised 25' in the 80's.  Impressive place, but only half way on our journey to the glories of the east side of the state.  from the warm desert we ascended to 7000' and the Mogollon rim with lunch in Payson.  We finally ended up at my brother Steve's in Scottsdale at about 5pm with sunburned arms faces and wind blown hair.

This little spider -  actually a tarantula was our companion as Marshall and I were swimming in Steve's pool one evening.  Marshall spotted him eye to eye as he was about to get out of the pool.  Just when you thought things were getting a little too sedate the mother of all spiders decides to join us for a swim. Steve and Cheri were very kind, and assured the two of us that they are harmless. Even with this reassurance we left her to her own devices.

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